Monday, May 4, 2009

Mieng Kham

One of my favourite treats from Thailand is Mieng Kham. When I first came across Mieng Kham in Thailand, they cost RM1. For the longest time, the only places you could find this delectable appetizer in Penang, were in restaurants where they charge about RM10 for a set. Nowadays however, there are a few people selling Mieng Khams in Penang's wet markets at RM2 a packet.

It's rather easy to prepare. First, you get hold of the betel leaf and then pile on the toasted coconut, ginger, dried shrimp, roasted peanut halves, ginger, shallot, and lime. Then pour on the syrup. Wrap the leaf around the ingredients and pop it into your mouth. Yummy!


  1. Mieng Kam rocks! Sadly I have to omit the lime owing to a hypersensitive tummy ... but the remaining ingredients still pack quite a load of flavour.

    I love to pack on the dried shrimp, peanuts and onion and a tiny bit of ginger topped of course with lots of the sauce. When the ol' tummy is feeling up to it I drop in some sliced cilipadi too.

    The "desecrated" coconut, I use really sparingly. Personal preference ... or NOT preference. ;-)

  2. eww..i think i remember this...hated it....