Friday, December 4, 2009

Water Caltrop

Water Caltrop is a fruit that looks like the head of a bull. For the Chinese, water caltrop is normally eaten during the Lantern Festival. When the shell is cracked open, the seed inside is taken out and eaten, usually with brown sugar.

Some people would boil water caltrop and drink the water or add water caltrop to certain dishes.
Water Caltrop tastes like water chestnut and does not have much taste of its own.


  1. hmmm...i duno if its on my end or not, but ur piks in this post dont show up

  2. Hi Mira, thanks for letting me know. I've reposted.

  3. How long do you boil Water Caltrop?

  4. I boiled them for 30 minutes; you can also steam them. Make sure they are truly cooked as they are toxic in their raw state.