Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garlic Naan

I recently had garlic naan with tandoori chicken at a very famous mamak shop in Penang. It inspired me to try to make my own naan just for experiment. I came across this recipe from Aayi's Recipes and decided to give it a go.

It was really good. Not as soft as the mamak shop's but the flavour was very close. I would put in less salt though.


  1. Have you tried Kashmiri naan? There are variations on this. The simplest one I've had used raisins and chopped almonds in the dough.

    The most "wayang" one included silver leaf!

    But my abso-favourite of all is the one made by Mahbub Restaurant in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. The raisins and nuts they use are kind of "sandwiched" between layers of the dough.

    Then they drizzle margarine or ghee over the bread when it comes out hot from the tandoor. Really TASTY but really rough on your cholesterol levels.

    So, whoever said this stuff had to be good for us, eh?

  2. I've never tried Kashmiri naan. but gosh, does it sound goood!